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Our Team
Valerie Lomonte
Level 2 Dance Teacher

Valerie is a senior at the University of Arkansas, studying honors biology on a pre-med track. After she graduates, she plans to attend medical school. Valerie loves to hike, paint, and dance! "Getting to dance with the kids is my favorite part of each week! I am so lucky to have been able to watch these kids grow into the amazing humans they are!"

Payton Moore
Social Media Coordinator
Payton Moore

Payton is a senior at the University of Arkansas seeking a degree in Industrial Engineering with a minor in Spanish. Her friendship with Haley, love for kids with special needs, and desire to spread joy all lead her to shoot for the stars!

Sydne Messer
Volunteer Coordinator

Sydne is a senior in Chemical Engineering. After 2 years of volunteering, she has developed a love for kids with special needs, and she is so excited to not only help the kids but also help the volunteers develop a similar passion for them as she has.

Sophie Bodishbaugh
Level 3 Dance Teacher
Sophie Bodishbaugh_edited.jpg

Sophie is a sophomore Education student at the University of Arkansas. Her work with students with special needs has created a passion for teaching healthy, fulfilling, and inclusive lifestyles.

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