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Want to join the team?
Want to join the team? We are currently accepting applications for our Level 1, 2, and 3 dance class teachers, workout class teacher, social media coordinator, and a fundraising coordinator. All positions are volunteer positions. 
The level 1 teacher is responsible for teaching students ages 3-8 years old, the level 2 teacher is responsible for teaching students ages 8+ who have limited mobility, and the level 3 teacher is responsible for teaching students ages 8+. Teachers are responsible for choreographing the routine, teaching weekly, and being present at the recital. These positions require motivated, patient, enthusiastic individuals who are ready for a challenge!
Dance Teachers
Workout Teacher
The workout teacher is responsible for teaching students of all ages. The workout program is roughly outlined prior to class, but it is the teacher’s responsibility to cater to their students. This position requires a patient, enthusiastic individual who is ready to motivate
their students!
Fundraising Coordinator
Social Media Coordinator
The social media coordinator is responsible for taking photos in classes and at events and posting to Instagram and Facebook at least twice a week. They are responsible for creating graphics for classes and events as well as being responsible for creating marketing materials for Shoot For The Stars. A creative and enthusiastic individual is needed for this position!
The fundraising coordinator is responsible for organizing Percentage Nights, writing grants, and organizing fundraising events. These responsibilities will not fall solely on one individual, and two fundraising coordinators may be selected.
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